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About Me

I am an educator of 10 years and I currently teach high school English in the small mountain town of Truckee, CA, 13 miles from Lake Tahoe. I am a mom to a rambunctious and fiercely independent two year old who keeps my mothering capabilities constantly in question. What I love to do is write; and write I do not. I am working hard now to prioritize my creative outlet, not only because it makes for a happy mom, but in turn for a happy child. I am passionate about not losing myself in work and motherhood by actively putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and letting the words flow the way I used to when I was young(er) :) I am creating this community for other writer-moms for support, encouragement, motivation, and feedback. 

Why You Should Join Me

When you join Scribble 'n Scribe you are getting access to exclusive content and conversation that you can't get anywhere else. You will be inspired to write more while also receiving feedback in a safe and like-minded environment. You will meet new people who are just like you - busy moms looking to get their creativity flowing. Whether you are looking for inspiration or to hone your craft, my network will help you make better, well-informed decisions about what matters to you most. You'll have the ability to share stories, get feedback, and generate ideas. You'll have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking conversations and perspectives every day. 

A Big Thanks

By joining, you're helping to grow a community of mothers who support one another in their creativity. Thanks for being an integral part of this network! 

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